Core ValuesHow an organization operates is important to its staff and its clients. This is especially true of a non-profit organization which must follow strict guidelines to maintain the public trust. As part of the commitment lifeFORCE Professional Society enter into with regulators and clients, the following is the code by which we operate.

  1. Your confidentiality is our NUMBER ONE priority. 
  2. Unless required by law through the administration of a legally executed search warrant, we will NEVER violate your privacy or your trust. We will only share your information with those whom you designate in writing with your signature.
  3. Our staff will endeavor at all times to provide fair and accurate accounting for all fees and expenses incurred on your behalf during the course of the professional relationship that exists between lifeFORCE Professional Society and you.
  4. We will make every effort to resolve any disputes that may arise between us and our clients.
  5. Our staff will endeavor to provide the most up-to-date and relevant training materials available to those clients who choose to participate in courses and workshops.
  6. Our coaches will never misrepresent themselves as having credentials and/or qualifications they do not have. In the event any of our coaches determine your needs are outside the scope of their expertise, they will refer you to a more qualified coach.
  7. Coaches will recuse themselves from any professional relationship that does not remain professional, referring their clients to other qualified coaches.
  8. lifeFORCE Professional Society will provide its clients with a written contract that clearly delineates the roles and responsibilities each party assumes in the professional relationship between coaches and clients as well as, the contracted length of the professional relationship and all expected fees and expenses.
  9. Our staff - administrative, coaching, facilitating, and instructing - will endeavor at all times to provide a positive and encouraging environment for our clients.
  10. lifeFORCE Professional Society will NEVER operate outside the boundaries of a non-profit organization as established by law, tradition, and public expectation.